Saturday 3rd June 2017 – I’m going to be ok

Yesterday’s vet’s visit was a big relief. They did an ultrasound of my heart and it was

My morning walk

amazing being able to see all of my heart beating on a screen. Anyway, the important news is that I’m very fit and the things which are wrong with my heart should not shorten my life and won’t need an operation. They are just one of those things and not because of anything that could have been known. It does mean I can’t have puppies, but we really knew that already. It makes me coming into season at such an inconvenient time even more frustrating, but the good news is that I’m ok and Mum says that was the only thing that mattered.

As soon as we came out of the vet I was able to have breakfast and I was so hungry. Then Mum took me to the pet shop and treated me to a new collar and harness and I look very smart in them. The collar is like Alfie’s, I do hope he won’t mind. I bought the others some biscuits as a present from my trip. They’re Alfie’s favourites, so I hope he’s pleased.

My sister Valeria came over and we had chance to catch up. Some of the puppies coming to England are her children which is great, including the one coming home with us on Monday. We had a quiet afternoon with Mum getting very excited reading some of the original books about our breed in German. She struggled with some of the big complicated words but she understood most of it.

I have to go to the vet again today, but this is for the things I need for coming home. Then we’re going to the airport to collect Mum’s friend who is coming to collect her puppy.

Have a great day



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  1. Great news Wilma. So glad you are ok. Love the new collar and harness. Fabulous views on your morning walk. Sammi is quite envious. xxxx

    • Thank you. I’m sure Sammi would love it here. It is so beautiful. Mum wants to stay longer.

  2. Hi Wilma, We are so pleased to hear the good news about your heart. No more worrying. Have a great day. Love Dickens X

    • Thanks Dickens. We’re still looking for your bandana but still no luck. There must be one somewhere.

  3. Wonderful news, Wilma, so good to hear! And I bet breakfast tasted doubly good, your having had to wait for so long. Am sure the others will love the biscuits you bought, especially Alfie. Hugs xxx

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