Sunday 4th June 2017 – Trains, planes and automobiles

It was more vets, planes and automobiles, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Yesterday starting with having to leave the house at 7.30 to go to the vet. It was a bit early, but at least I got breakfast this time. The trip was to have mine and Sybil’s passports stamped for our return journey. Sybil’s not so bad for a puppy. I’m not really enjoying being pounced on at the moment though. My hormones are all over the place with my season and I’m feeling a bit stressed out.

Waiting at the airport

Then we had to drive 100 miles to go to the airport to collect Sybil’s new human. I didn’t think it would be as far as that or I might have said I’d wait back at base instead. The airport was really confusing and Mum sat with me on the floor so I didn’t get too stressed by all the roller suitcases and the people. Then on the way back we got stuck in lots of traffic and we didn’t get back until the afternoon, by which time Mum was really tired. Anyway, Sybil seemed very happy with her human and her human is very happy with her so it’s all worth it. Mum took Sybil’s new human to the pet shop in the afternoon to buy her some presents, but I stayed behind. It’s funny if I’m in the car for ages I think I should have stayed behind, but if I stay behind I really miss Mum and wish I’d gone.

Today is a day for relaxing and enjoying the mountains before we start the long drive home tomorrow. I’m in charge of looking after Sybil on the journey home and need to shout when she says she needs the toilet. I can’t see this going well!

Have a great Saturday

Love, Wilma

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