Tuesday 6th June 2017 – A stroke of luck

Yesterday was a much better day than it might have been. I waved my paw farewell to my family in Switzerland and promised Sybil I’d try to keep her entertained on the journey and we set off about 8am. Mum had warned us it was going to be a very long day as we had 520 miles to drive and we only usually do about 440 in one day. Anyway, what we hadn’t realised was that it was a Bank Holiday in both Switzerland and France so there was no rush hour traffic and almost no lorries. It was a much more relaxing and faster drive than Mum had expected and we got to our hotel by 5.30pm, even though we had lot of stops in case Sybil needed them.

Apart from crying a couple of times when we set off from our stops when she realised she wasn’t going to be able to play for ages, Sybil was really good. She ate all her lunch and was even starting to get the hang of being expected to go to the toilet when we stopped at service stations.

The hotel we stayed at last night was perfect for our needs. It was very quiet with a lovely garden and really big rooms to relax in. I shall of course be writing it up, but have also asked Mum if we can stay there again as I really liked it.

We’re off quite early today to head for the Channel Tunnel and hopefully to get home by early evening, once we’ve taken Sybil to her new home. Sybil is asking lots of questions about her new family and can’t wait to make friends with her human sister, who is only two and a half and loves dogs. We think they are going to become very close friends very quickly.

Love, Wilma

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