Friday 9th June 2017 – Things which make our Mistress cry

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

Our Mistress gets emotional about the strangest things. She took Wilma to vote yesterday as she says it is even more important for girls than for boys to understand how precious the right to vote is. Whenever she votes she remembers the women who fought for and won the right that is so easily taken for granted when you have it and that’s something that makes her cry. She says she cried when she visited places in Greece years ago and took time to think of them being the birthplace of democracy. Today she will probably spend some time crying about the result of the election, but as I write this I don’t know what that result is, so there is a slim chance of it being a happy day. The only result she’d be really happy with is one in which we could stay part of the European Union, so sadly I suspect crying might be necessary.

She didn’t so much cry as swear in trying to give Wilma her eye drops. Wilma is way too bright and playful and has totally worked out what is going on and is not prepared to cooperate. If our Mistress has the bottle of drops behind her back and approaches Wilma with a treat, does she take the treat? No, she runs around behind our Mistress to see what is in her other hand. Once our Mistress’s attention has been diverted she also quickly steals the biscuit! It’s a win:win for Wilma. Our Mistress has resorted to cheating and found someone to help her. There is a whole week of this battle to go on and by the end of it I think I know who will be declared the winner. If her eyes aren’t better though it will have been a silly battle to win, but I don’t think Wilma is thinking in those terms.

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