Monday 12th June 2017 – I think I’m growing up

Mum thinks I may be growing up. This week when we’ve been for walks I haven’t wanted to run so far from her and have been very happy companionably trotting along by her side. She says it’s because I’m nearly two now and really very nearly an adult. I don’t plan to completely leave puppy hood behind just yet and Mum does love it when I’m so excited that I just have to skip everywhere. I’ve also started being prepared to lie down when told to and will even do it when she indicates with her finger and doesn’t use any words. We are working on me stopping a distance away from her on command now too. Up to now if she has told me to stop I still have felt the need to get to her first. She has said that there are times when she wants me to stop exactly where I am and not move unless she tells me. She says it’s an emergency thing in case there is some danger between us and she wants me to be safe. I do know her hand signal for stay, but it’s going to take me a little time to overcome the desire to move forwards before following it. If we ever get the hang of that one she wants me to move on to dropping into a down on command at a distance. She says if sheepdogs can do it so well then I as a cattle herder ought to be able to do it too. Don’t let on, but I really enjoy the sessions we spend on training. I love when I get it right and she’s pleased with me.

I do hope the weather will improve soon so we can spend more time outdoors without getting wet or blown away. I rather thought summer meant sunnier days, but clearly I was wrong.

Have a great week



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