Tuesday 13th June 2017 – Smile for the Camera

This is what happens when you ask Aristotle to smile for the camera. Our Mistress says it reminded her of the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Ari was annoyed with us for not thinking how handsome he looked and said he really was trying his best. His walk was a slow one yesterday as his legs were hurting, but our Mistress really wanted him to get some exercise. He’s going to take some of the anti inflammatory painkiller for a couple of days to see if things settle down. I did wonder if I should offer to let him go swimming today in my place, but it does me so much good to go that I didn’t want to give it up. I’ll let him go next week if he’s still having a problem. Our Mistress says she can’t bear it when he’s suffering as he’s such a loving and gentle dog. When they are outside he runs up to her and throws his arms round her and has a real cuddle. He’s the best of us on two legs and when he really stands up he’s almost tall enough to kiss our Mistress’s face too.

Oddly, Wilma didn’t want to walk yesterday. She’s hurt her paw and is going to see the vet to see what the problem is. Her eyes still haven’t cleared up completely either so she’s feeling very sorry for herself. Unsurprisingly she is getting a lot of cuddles from both our Master and Mistress. I don’t think there ever was a puppy that got as much love… oh except perhaps me. I didn’t do so badly and still don’t when I want it. I always get tucked in at night and gently stroked as I doze off. I’ve stopped wanting to sleep curled up with our Mistress but I haven’t stopped needing the warmth and love of a human hand.

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