Friday 16th June 2017 – My girlfriend’s puppies

Alfie and Bella

We have all been following the progress of Bella’s puppies. They are two and a half weeks old now and doing really well. There are seven of them in total, four boys and three girls. One of the girls got in the way of her mum the other day and had to have a vet check to make sure she hadn’t hurt her leg, but thankfully she’s fine. Bella is a great mum and I’m really very proud of her. She has had two big litters now and single pawed is responsible for 14 of the dogs in the country. I know Shadow has had more than that altogether but it took her 4 litters to get to her 22 and it took Bella’s mum 3 litters to get to 16.

One of the girls is called Babeli which is a wonderful name for an Entlebucher girl and one she should grown up being very proud of. Many years ago there was a girl called Babeli who was the key to re-establishing the breed when it had nearly died out after the first World War. I hope she goes on to have puppies of her own as that would be something very special to be able to tell her own children.

One of the boys isn’t sure where he is going to live yet, but all the others do. If things go to plan, one of the girls is going to stay to live with her mum which will be nice to her as long as her mum doesn’t get jealous as Shadow did with Aristotle.

Shadow is getting excited about her holiday in July. On one of the days she will get chance to meet up with at least four of her children. She loves getting chance to seeing how they are doing and Dora, one of her eldest and full sister to Aristotle, hasn’t been too well, so it will be even nicer for her mum to see her. The only problem is that Dora and Shadow are rather too alike and don’t always see eye to eye.

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