Saturday 17th June 2017 – Then and Now

Aristotle thinking

Happy Saturday everyone, it’s Aristotle here. Seeing the pictures of Bella’s puppies yesterday got me going through the photo albums with our Mistress. You would barely recognise me from this shot when I was not very old. Mum says I was always the thinking dog in our litter. Even when I was just three weeks old I had worked out that if I sat by the bars of the pen and cried our Mistress couldn’t resist coming and giving me a cuddle, and that was what I wanted most in the world. It still is. My leg has been hurting the last few days so rather than miss out on my quality time with our Mistress when we’d normally be walking, we have come back and had a nice long cuddle instead. Despite what all the medical profession would have you believe, I’m sure it’s better for my health than walking. The only real drawback is that walking uses more

My little sleeping bag

calories so I’ve had to cut down on my food allowance which is never good news.

At least today our Mistress is planning to spend some time out in the garden so I can put my paws up and just enjoy being near to her. To be honest, I think we’d all feel a bit better for some clear sunny days and the wind dying down. It has been more like autumn most of the time, which is very confusing. Maybe that’s the deal for us with global warming, we’re destined for it to be forever autumn and whilst there are things I like about that season, overall it would be a real shame.

Excuse me

Here are some of my favourite things about autumn. Conkers, leaves to kick up with my paws, the fire being lit… I may have run out. I think on balance I prefer spring and summer.

Have a lovely Saturday


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