Sunday 18th June 2017 – Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dads, (Rino in Switzerland and my Master here), a very happy Father’s Day to you both. I wish I could share the day with both of you, but I’ll just have to spoil the one I am with. Wilma wants to send Father’s Day wishes to her Dad in Switzerland too. He’s called Rolex. Shadow isn’t sure if her father is still alive or not. She’s never met him and neither has our Mistress. Alfie said as he couldn’t send his wishes to his birth father he’d like to send them to the man who was his father’s human. It means we all have to make the most of our human dad here, who we all think the world of.

Our Mistress says I’m a very nosy dog. I prefer to think of it as showing an active interest. When we were gardening yesterday there was a dog out in a neighbouring garden. It was barking quite a bit but I felt no need to respond. What I did feel the need to do was put my eye to the gap in the fence and try to get a good look at who was making all the noise. Our Mistress said if she had not been up to her elbows in soil she would have taken my photo it was so funny. I’m just taking my neighbourhood watch duties seriously. She will be grateful if she ever needs me to provide a full description of the dog and his family. You just never quite know when you’re going to be asked to put a photo-fit picture together.

Wilma has been annoying all of us. She has realised that her Horsie has two completely different squeaks depending on if you squeeze his tummy or his leg. She has been seeing if she can do both of them at once and run around the office at the same time. For the record she can do them both and it’s very annoying.

Have a great week


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  1. Hi Ari, I would like to wish HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all Dads everywhere too! To my Dad in Switzerland Binto-Sami, to my first Dad Chris and my Dad now here. They have all made me the dog I am. It is going to be another hot day so I will be out for an early walk then snooze until it cools later. The great news is it is steak for dinner,hurrah!!!! Love to you all Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thanks, Dickens. That’s a great thought. I’m going to ask our Mistress if we can have steak for dinner too. Have a lovely day.

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