Monday 19th June 2017 – A life of luxury

I know I’m not a hard done to dog, really I do, but my friends have now sent in two 6 bone ratings for hotels and I haven’t stayed in anywhere that gets six bones. We’ve got 48 listings on the site so far and we’re adding new ones as regularly as we can. The latest top review was from Alfie Entlebucher (not our Alfie, another one), who stayed at the Spread Eagle Hotel in West Sussex, you can read it HERE. Anyway, he got his own dressing gown in the room. I don’t mean there was a spare human one that he put on for a laugh, I mean he had his very own doggy bathrobe. At the very least I want one of those for my birthday so I can curl up and watch movies with Mum with us both in our dressing gowns. Anyway, I’m now asking if we can go and stay in that hotel as well as the one Cinders stayed in.

For the first time this weekend it was really really hot. Shadow said she couldn’t cope when she went for a walk on Saturday so Mum got out my aunty Megan’s cool coat for us all to try. We couldn’t believe how good it is. Ari found it a bit odd and said it got in the way a bit when he wanted to pee as he doesn’t cock his leg, but I loved it. It was a bit big for me really so I think Mum might buy a smaller size for me.

Alfie was feeling quite clingy this weekend. He wasn’t

Alfie smiling for the camera

feeling great, but we all had a lovely cuddle in bed and he had such a lovely smile on his face that Mum just had to take his photo.

Anyway, have a lovely week


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  1. Hi Wilma, my mum bought me a lovely towelling dog coat at the Countryfile Live event last year. It’s made by Ruff and Tumble dog coats and it’s absolutely dab for getting dry after a swim. They come in lots of colours, mine is green to suit my Fox red coat.
    Love from Betsy the Labrador (friend of Salvo)

    • Oh, Betsy it sounds wonderful. It’s only a month to my birthday. I wonder if I ask very nicely if I could have one. I’m going to have a look to see what colour I might like and maybe send Mum the link.
      Thank you

        • I’ve found them Betsy. I know which one I want, I’ve just got to get Aristotle to measure my back. I think I’m the size of a Springer Spaniel but we’re not the same shape as most dogs so I don’t want to get it wrong.
          I just hope Mum says yes.
          Love Wilma.

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