Wednesday 21st June 2017 – Wilma is fed up

Due to the weather forecast for today Wilma’s playdate with Bernie has been rescheduled. I’m not sure whether it is the fact it could be 27 degrees or may be thundering that is the main reason, but either way she is not happy. Our Mistress has reassured her that it’s only being delayed until next week and she is going to see him on Saturday anyway, but either way she is fed up and sulking. Wilma does quite a good line in sulking. She doesn’t do anything naughty or horrible, she just looks up at our Mistress with her big brown eyes and makes our Mistress feel bad. Now would be a good time for her to show our Mistress exactly which dressing gown she would like for her birthday. Aristotle measured her back as requested and Wilma has chosen the colour she would like. She says she’d like her name embroidered on it too so that Shadow doesn’t get any ideas about borrowing it. She is also hoping that our Mistress might give it to her a couple of days early so she can have it in time for the holiday in Devon.

If it rains heavily today it will be a test of the second attempt to fix the summerhouse. I really hope it has worked as I know how fed up our Mistress will be if it hasn’t. She’s going to have to resort to getting someone in to help with it if both hers and our Master’s efforts have not solved the problem. I know that I’m not volunteering to get up on the roof to try to fix it, that is certain. It’s a good job my paw aren’t so good for holding the paint roller or using a hammer, it makes it much less likely they’ll ask me!

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