Thursday 22nd June 2017 – Thundery weather

Our Mistress is not happy with us. If I’m being strictly honest, she was threatening to give us all away yesterday afternoon, but I don’t think she really meant it. You know what it’s like when it’s really sticky and thundery? Who can blame a dog for moaning in that situation? The problem was that all four of us were moaning. Ok, to be fair, goody four-paws Wilma wasn’t moaning but the other three of us most certainly were. We spent the whole afternoon winding each other up and getting more and more ratty with everything. Wilma was disappointed that she hadn’t had her play date with Bernie and pointed out that it hadn’t rained, but did quietly accept that it had got a little warm. Shadow and I were the problem though. She shouted at me and I shouted back. Ari was busy shouting at a dog from a house several doors away from ours, which didn’t make him popular either. There is thunder forecast again today and our Mistress is threatening to go out and leave us all. I’d rather she stayed here in case I need my paw holding, but even I can see her point. She has taken the trouble to try getting everyone walked before it got hot and apart from Wilma we showed no gratitude. To be fair, Ari had totally refused to go for a walk anyway and dug his paws in when she suggested he got in the car. I suppose on balance it is perhaps a good job we don’t live in a hot country all the time.

Below we have included a fun poster on exercise that has been sent to us. We thought you might enjoy having a look and then trying to get your humans to try something different. Wilma looked at it and has said she’d really like to try Treibball but I don’t think there is anywhere near us that does it. It’s fairly new to the UK but looks ideal for working breeds who are at a loose end as they don’t have a herd or flock of their own to work with. Our Mistress has taken her at her word however and emailed the nearest venue to us to find out a bit more. If any of you have seen it or had a go we’d love to hear from you.

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