Friday 23rd June 2017 – They’ve arrived

Me and Wilma

I’m almost as excited as if they were for me. Of course, I’m not quite sure why there isn’t one for me, but I guess I do have a fleece jacket so it’s probably only Aristotle who has grounds to complain. Thanks to Betsy the Labrador, a friend of Wilma’s half-brother Salvo, the dressing gowns for the girls have arrived already. It’s still a month until Wilma’s birthday so I don’t think she will be given it yet and I really don’t know what the excuse is for Shadow’s. However, now they need their only little monogrammed suitcases so they can pack when they go on holiday. Their outfits will be just great for when they go to the beach. The only problem now is that I think we need to get one for our Mistress to match!

After how noisy we all were on Wednesday I think we’d worn ourselves out. Yesterday turned out to be much quieter. At one point our Mistress even checked round to make sure we were all still here. Of course, we were, but she was still somewhat surprised. Strangely, she says she gets much more work done when it’s quiet and can’t think when it’s noisy. I can’t imagine why that is.

Wilma and Shadow have been entered in the Darlington Dog Show on September 16th. Wilma is already automatically qualified for Crufts for next year but Shadow needs to win or be placed in a suitable class if she is to go. She’s not sure she will want to, given that she will be nine by then, but she has said she at least wants to be able to have the choice so this is her opportunity. Our Mistress has chosen a show where she can enter as a veteran to give her the best chance of success. It’s on a Saturday at Ripon Racecourse if any of you are around.

Anyway, I’m off to put my paws up for the weekend and will leave you in Aristotle’s capable hands for the next couple of days.

Have fun


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  1. Hi Alfie, what gorgeous colours the girls have chosen for their dressing gowns. I’m very jealous that they have their names embroidered on them.
    It was my birthday yesterday and I didn’t even get a piece of cake! Maybe if I’m very cute I might get a special surprise today. My best friend Milly (she’s a cat but don’t tell her!) gave me a lovely bath by licking my face all over!
    Have a lovely restful weekend
    Love Betsy xx

    • Oh Betsy, a very happy birthday for yesterday. You really should have got a cake at the very least. Can’t Milly or your human cook? If all else fails steal the meat for tonight’s dinner in lieu of your birthday present. I’m sure they will see the justice of it.

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