Saturday 24th June 2017 – A deep sigh

Ari and Wilma stopping our Mistress working

Happy Saturday everyone, it’s Aristotle here.

Now I don’t often feel sorry for myself. I’ve had had elbows right from being a few months old and it’s just a fact of life. I don’t grumble and moan about it, I don’t have a strop when they’re hurting. It’s just that every so often when it means missing out on something I’d really like to do, I get a little down. Today is one of those days. It’s the Northern Entlebucher Fun Day and it’s happening just down the road from our house. If I go out into the back garden and listen carefully then I will actually be able to hear them having fun. Shadow and Wilma are going and so is my half-brother Bernie. I’d like to go too, but I know that if I run around madly with all of them then I’ll pay for it for days. As it is, there are more days that I’m not up to walking at the moment then the ones I am comfortable and I know our Mistress is right in trying to take care of my legs, but it just feels so hard and so unfair today. She has said that she might nip home and take me down for a short while, just so I can see everyone, but you know what it’s like. I want to run and play and lose myself in the day, not have to sit on the sidelines looking on. This is where being given the option of basket weaving just doesn’t cut it when you know that you’re missing out on racing madly round a field. Just for once I don’t want to have to be responsible and boring. I want to let my fur down and have a good time with all the others. I might have reached middle age, but I want to act like a teenager for a couple of hours and just forget the implications.

I’m just going to hang out in the garden instead.



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