Monday 26th June 2017 – Man V Machine

I’ve learnt a bit lesson this weekend. Never get in the way of a man when he’s arguing with a machine. It was Dad v the grass strimmer and from what Mum says it wasn’t their first battle. It ran out of wire. The day was pretty much one hour of strimming and three hours of trying to replace the strimmer wire. He wasn’t in the best of moods by the time he’d finished and you wouldn’t believe how many videos there are on Youtube on how to do it. There were even some which seem to have been recorded by children, which didn’t make him feel any better. I was just glad that my paws were totally unsuited to the task. I just tried to offer him comfort and support where I could.

Fun Day on Saturday was fantastic. Mum said it was amazing just watching us all running together. We weren’t all playing the same game when we had free time. I wanted to play chase and Shadow wanted to play ball. I tried to swing it my way by running off with the ball and trying to get everyone to follow me. It might have worked, although Shadow shouted at me for going off with the ball, but then Mum threw a second one so I didn’t spoil their game. What about my game? At least when I run off with the ball I don’t damage it. They broke several balls between them!

I was really happy that Ari finally met his brother Bernie. I’m seeing Bernie again on Wednesday and it did make me feel a little bit bad that Ari can’t come. He says he doesn’t mind, but I know deep down he does really.

Everyone says there is something special about me. I don’t know what they mean. I’m just me. Mum says there is a depth to me and I have the ‘It factor’. She says if she could bottle it we’d all want some, but for me it’s just the way I was made. I love everyone and everything I meet and it makes it easy to make everyone feel special. This was me trying to help Dad feel better yesterday.

Have a lovely week


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  1. Hi Wilma,

    Your nephew Elliot says he doesn’t really see what the big fuss about balls is either. He’d much rather run around the garden like a lunatic!

    • You wouldn’t think that playing ball was a genetic thing, but apparently my sister (Elliot’s mum) is the same. Oh we can jump over gates too, quite effortlessly!

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