Thursday 29th June 2017 – Missing

We can only assume from the pile of blankets that our Mistress has gone into hibernation. She is certainly not willing to be out and about, but then to be fair, apart from Wilma neither are we. Wilma’s playdate with Bernie has been delayed again. It’s a bit like the Three Bears and their porridge, first it was too warm, then it was too wet, now Wilma’s hoping that Monday will be just right. She’s also hoping that our Mistress might be ready to poke an eye out from under the blankets and rejoin the world. Mind you, when I did last see our Mistress she was threatening to trade us all in for a different breed of dog. She says she wants one that is prepared to go out to the toilet in the back garden on their own when it’s raining and not one that constantly needs to have its paw held. I really can’t think what she means!

I heard from one of my sisters this week and she has not been at all well. She has had pancreatitis, which does seem to happen in our breed rather more often than it should. Anyway, I think she is now recovering, which is very good news. At our age recovery can be much slower. I just want to send my very best wishes to Esther for a speedy recovery and hope she will be fighting fit again soon.

We all have to cooperate later to have some mouth swabs done. It’s all part of a research project by the Animal Health Trust who will then hold samples of all our DNA so that they can look at health conditions and try to see what is going on genetically. If any of you Entlebuchers in the UK would like to take part then drop an email to our Mistress so she can provide you with the kit and the information. It’s a really worthwhile project and will hopefully help with the long term health of the breed.

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