Saturday 1st July 2017 – Funny things happen

Hello everyone, happy weekend. It’s Aristotle here and I’m going to tell you a funny story. Not laugh out loud funny, more plain weird funny, but that’s to be expected from our Mistress. You may know that she has a new novel coming out this year and she has been working with her cover designer to get the cover absolutely right. It needs to include a train, but not just any old train. It needs to be the sort of train that might have been in use between New York and Pennsylvania in 1854. That’s quite a specific requirement. Anyway, after struggling to find a suitable picture she asked her friends on Facebook if anyone knew what one should look like. She has friends who know about these things, two-legged rather than four0legged friends. I’ve never known a dog take up train spotting for a hobby! Anyway, I digress. Two of her friends were able to provide pictures and explain the wheel configuration, the shape of the smoke stack and the fact it would have had a cow catcher on the front. That’s not the weird part, although them knowing is pretty weird to me.

The weird part was when she sat down in Shadow’s room to have supper the other night and there on the bookcase was a toy train. Neither my Master nor Mistress know whose it is. It is likely to belong to one of them as the children have never gone in for that sort of thing and Shadow certainly doesn’t. They have no idea where it came from but it has been there gathering dust for some long time and low and behold it just happens to be exactly the right sort of train. Obviously it won’t appear on the book cover as it is not belching steam or for that matter capable of it, but it is no proudly moved to the office as inspiration for our Mistress and is being lovingly dusted for the first time in a very long time.

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  1. How weird is that, Ari – just at the right time, too. Hugs to you, and give your Mistress one from me too, ok! xxx

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