Tuesday 4th July – Well that didn’t go as planned

Before I forget – Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. Just look what independence has given to both you and us. You have had the freedom to elect a rather odd orange person as president and we’ve had the freedom to reject a perfectly good relationship with the countries we are closest to. It all makes perfect sense. It just goes to show that benign dictatorships are not always such a bad thing! I’ve offered to be your leader in the past, but you’ve turned me down. Now I’m guessing you wished you’d taken me up on the offer, but sadly I’m past the age of wanting to take on all the work it would entail. If you talk nicely to Wilma, she has bags of energy and could probably make a pretty good job of it for you once she’s back on her paws.

That brings me back to what I meant to say. Her play date with Bernie did not go as planned yesterday. She got there as planned and the weather was great, but within ten minutes of running like a mad thing her leg was hurting again and she was limping. She tried to claim it was all right as our Mistress insisted they should come home, but to be honest trying to say you are fine while limping badly on your back left leg is not that convincing. She is booked to go back to the vets tomorrow so we’re hoping to get a clearer picture of what is going on. Our Mistress now thinks the red sore paw has been a red-herring, and that she is simply chewing her paw to compensate for where the pain is coming from. Our Mistress is wondering about her knee, but we will have to wait to find out. Today she will be on limited exercise and excessive quantities of cuddles to compensate.

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