Friday 7th July 2017 – An afternoon in the sun

Our Mistress worked from the summerhouse yesterday afternoon, while I had an afternoon pottering around in the sun. It was funny to begin with as she couldn’t get the things she had plugged in to work, but finally remembered she’d turned the power off because of the leaking roof. Once she put the main switch back to the ‘on’ position it made all the difference. Now she just needs to install some air-conditioning to keep the temperature down, but I shouldn’t complain. Our Mistress had to make me go into the shade so I wouldn’t get sun-stroke.

The other problem with sitting outside was how many flies there were. It was the little ones that kept feeling more like spiders to our Mistress and you know what she’s like with spiders! Every so often she would hit herself for no apparent reason. It was quite entertaining to be honest. She would be no good living in a country with creepy-crawlies that you really needed to worry about. What was funny was that she still felt as though they were crawling on her long after we’d come inside. Isn’t it funny how the mind can play tricks on you?

Wilma is not taking her week of rest very seriously. She is running around like a mad thing at every opportunity and, despite everything our Mistress has said, still insists on clearing the dog gates as though they were hurdles put their for her enjoyment. I don’t know where she gets her energy from. Ok so I had zoomies when I was young, but I’m sure I was never as athletic as she is. To be fair, our Mistress says none of us were as athletic as Wilma and it’s just a shame she isn’t involved in dog sports.

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