Saturday 8th July 2017 – Nothing special

Ari and our Mistress

It’s a nothing special Saturday and I plan to kick my heels in the garden, unless it rains again. I think our Mistress wants to go to the garden centre first, but they’re dogist so I have to stay here and wait for her to come back. I did point out there are garden centres I could go with her to, but, no, she wants to go to the one nearest to home as it’s quicker. You’d think she’d take my feelings into account. She tried to justify her actions by saying the sooner she gets back with the plant pots we need, the sooner we can be working together filling them with plants.

I’m hoping we might see if any of the vegetables are ready to eat while we’re out there. I’ve already offered to try the first carrot to see if it’s safe for humans. You can never be too careful. I should perhaps have a nibble of every one that is pulled up, just to be on the safe side.

Wilma said she fancied a duvet day and couldn’t we all sit in front of the television and watch a film and eat ice cream. That girl’s got no idea at all. For a start, have you ever tried to get four dogs to agree what they want to watch? ‘Rom com’ was Wilma’s suggestions. I ask you, what self-respecting male dog wants to watch romance when they could be outdoors? Although I’ll grant you the ice cream was a better part of the plan. Alfie, being a more sensitive male, said the idea of a gentle romance was ok in his book as long as there were no dogs in it. I guess I’ll have to wait until my Master and Andrew are having a boys night to watch the sorts of films I prefer.

Anyway, have a happy Saturday


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