Sunday 9th July 2017 – What shall I eat?

Happy Sunday everyone, at least I hope it will be. I’ve got to make an important decision and I could really do with some help. Our Mistress says that as I don’t want to walk so much now I have a choice. I can either cut down on the size of my meals or I can change my food to something designed for less active dogs. I know that I’m only five and still like to think of myself in terms of youth and vitality, but the truth is with my legs the way they are I’m not keen to go for walks. I’m happy to potter in the back garden where I can move about gently and stop when my legs are hurting, but it does mean I need to lose a little weight and I don’t know what to do for the best. I agree that I’d feel better if I lost some weight and one suggestion I had was that I could go swimming more often. The problem there is that Alfie needs that even more than I do and our Mistress says she just can’t justify the cost of us both going every week. To be fair, I do like the fresh air so giving the swimming slot over to Alfie does make sense.

I don’t know whether to try the food for the ‘senior’ dogs that is the one that Shadow has. I just think that maybe given I’m still much younger there may be things I need that I wouldn’t be getting. I’d like to try lots of different types to see which I prefer, but it has to be wheat free and low fat, given I take after my mum in both allergies and a tendency to pancreatitis. What would you do? If I just cut down am I going to be all disappointed at how empty my bowl looks? Should I ask for a smaller bowl so it doesn’t look so bad or do you think I couldn’t dupe myself that easily? Is there a simple solution? Decisions can be so difficult to make.

Anyway, have a lovely Sunday


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  1. Hello Ari, I have the same problem as you, no wheat and low fat. We like Lilys Kitchen food here. My favourite is Chicken and Duck Fat 11%. They also do Lamb Fat 8.5% and Venison and Duck 11%. They are all Grain free. Our old beagle who is now sixteen and a half likes the one for Old dogs – those over eight and a half, he is nearly double that!!!!!
    The company are very good and they have a speedy delivery service. They also do tinned food and include lots of nice flavours so have a look on the web.
    Have a nice day. Love Dickens and the gang XXXXX

    • Thank you. I’m going away to drool over the computer page now. I think I might quite like duck!

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