Wednesday 12th July 2017 – I’m old

I think the verdict is that I’m old. Our vet took some blood to send away. I was a little upset as I’d tried telling her I needed all the blood I’ve got, but she still took some. She doesn’t think my thyroid glands are any larger, but she does think the other lump in my neck might be and that might be why I’m finding swallowing a bit uncomfortable at times. To be honest, I’ve got so many lumps and bumps now that it’s hard to know which are the new ones. If I live much longer I could end up a very funny shape. I guess I just have to accept that old age is a long slow process and I’m just not going to feel the way I use to feel anymore. Everyone agrees that I don’t look my age and I look very fit, but sadly looks can be deceptive and I don’t feel as good as I look.  I’ve got to stay positive. Our Mistress is trying to accommodate all my odd whims, which I recognise is not easy for her, but she is at least trying. She is giving me more time on my own with her which I’m enjoying, but I’ve had to agree to accept more time with Wilma or Shadow around too so they don’t lose out.

I’m still working four days a week to tell you what’s going on and I think it may be time to cut down a little further. I write on Tuesday to Friday at the moment, then Ari writes two days and Wilma writes one. I did wonder about asking Shadow if she’d like to write anything, but our Mistress says it would be too much work to correct her spellings. On that basis Wilma will take over another day, I just haven’t decided which. She says she loves every day equally so she really doesn’t mind. I’m just going to curl up here in the bed under the desk to think about it. This is my favourite bed and has been mine since I was ten weeks old. I don’t really fit in it quite so well anymore, but it doesn’t stop me trying.



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  1. Oh Alfie it is hard getting older, I’m nearly 13. It does have it’s compensations though. I get lots of love and cuddles and I also get away with more than I did when I was younger. Enjoy the cuddles. Sending you lots of licks. Love Sammi. xxxx

    Lots of love and cuddles from Gill too. xxxx

    • Thank you Sammi and Gill. It’s confusing isn’t it? I must say I seem to be getting extra biscuits too so it’s not all bad.

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