Thursday 13th July 2017 – Why do some dogs howl?

Alfie looking all gentle and sleepy

In our household our vocal range is quite extensive. We chatter away in one way or another whether or not we have an audience. Our Mistress is thankful that only one of us really howls. However, it does raise the question why is it only one of us who howls? It’s Shadow of course and we’ve always blamed it on one of the children teaching her, but I suspect she would have done it anyway at some time or another. I just don’t understand why she is the only one of us that really does it on a regular basis. I don’t think I’ve ever exactly howled. Not in a baying Baskerville sort of a way. Oh I’ve cried when I’ve been really upset, but that’s a more pitiful noise and is only in extreme circumstances. Ari occasionally joins in with his mum and gives rise to a bit of a chorus, but Shadow is the only one who can be found howling for a whole range of reasons. Children playing at the barn next door – howl. Dog walking past the house – howl. Postman delivering to our house – howl. Tescos delivery – howl. Almost anyone coming down the drive who is not family – howl. Anyone coming down the drive who is family – howl. It is almost impossible to get to our front door without setting her off. If we lived in a town or on a real road with houses opposite and passing traffic she’d probably do it all day. I just don’t understand why. Why can’t she settle for a normal little woof like the rest of us, or even rooo like many Entlebuchers? She could single pawed scare people late at night for miles around. I’m thinking of asking if she can be put in a soundproofed room so I don’t have to listen to her.

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