Friday 14th July 2017 – Wilma’s ‘Best of’

Alfie as a puppy

As Alfie doesn’t want to work on Friday’s I thought I’d go through all his past diary entries to bring you the ‘best of’ from that date in previous years. I won’t do that every week, at least not if anything exciting happens, which it does occasionally!

This is part of what Alfie wrote on Saturday 14th July 2007. He wasn’t even an adult back then:

For reasons of which I am only partially responsible, my mistress appears to be very black and blue at the moment. She does bruise easily, and me stomping on her foot trying to chase a Jack Russell at the park didn’t help. Stomping is probably an understatement I managed to both stomp and scratch at the same time, so I drew blood and bruised it. But I didn’t do the big black and purple bruise on the back of her leg or the black one further up, and I am sure the green ones weren’t all down to me. I know it is because she is a redhead and they bruise easily, but does she have any idea how embarrassing it is to go out in public with someone who looks as though they have been in a fight? I have asked if she would mind wearing clothes with long sleeves and which come down to her ankles but she has pointed out that she is too warm. I said, “So am I in this fur and I don’t have the choice of taking it off.” She didn’t seem impressed.

It seems some things never change. I am only partly responsible for the bruises Mum has at the moment. She still bruises easily, even though her hair isn’t so red anymore. It doesn’t help that she is always walking into things and falls over every so often either, but I guess that could happen to anyone.

Anyway, have a great weekend



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  1. Wilma, as someone whao was also a redhead once (that deep auburn Svottish red), and who can fall over their own two feet from a standing start, I can totally sympathise with your mum! Hugs xxx

    • It makes me glad I’m not a redhead, although my brown bits are a reddy brown.
      Have a lovely weekend

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