Saturday 15th July 2017 – The girls are quite something

You have to acknowledge the female dogs in this household. They really are quite something. With Shadow it’s just that she is just so annoyingly happy. She takes smiling and bouncing to a whole new level. When they went for a walk yesterday, Shadow was so overwhelmingly happy about everything that our Mistress took a video of her to share with you all.

In the meantime, Wilma has got life worked out. At least, she knows exactly how she wants it to be. She has decided that dog beds are not for her. She would much rather sleep snuggled in with our Mistress and Master than in a bed on the floor on her own. She is taking securing that position very seriously. She got in with our Mistress, who had gone to bed first and when she was told to go to her own bed, she simply lifted her head, looked at our Mistress, smiled and then put her head back down on the pillow. Eventually, our Mistress did make her get out and go to her own bed. What did Wilma do? She waited until our Master came to bed, went and gave him a lick and then climbed in beside him. When he told her to move, she did… and climbed over him so she could snuggle right in between them both. In the end, they did make her move but they were laughing so much that I strongly suspect she is going to take that as a good sign and try again. She’ll wear them down, I just know she will. I think it’s because she always does it with such a lovely smile on her face that she gets away with it.

That’s girls for you. I suppose instead of being jealous I should be learning from them, but there are some things you’ve either got or you haven’t and I don’t think I have!

Have a lovely Saturday


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