Sunday 16th July 2017 – More animals

I am a worried dog. This is taking things too far. I think we’ve told you that our Mistress has developed a strong liking for the field of alpacas that she passes on a regular basis. I may also have told you that she spent some time telling us she’d like to get one, but of course we all pointed out that it wasn’t practical, not least because they don’t get on with dogs. Anyway, yesterday was our Master and Mistress’s wedding anniversary. Our Mistress bought our Master a box of liqueur chocolates, which of course he was delighted with. However, our Master has bought our Mistress the opportunity of going for a walk with alpacas and you should have seen how happy she was. I am a very worried dog. What if she likes them so much that she wants to get one… some… they are pack animals! Mind you, we’re pack animals but would still choose to cuddle up to a human on the settee ahead of being part of a pack, so maybe a single alpaca could just move into the house with the rest of us.

Ok, so I know it’s only a walk, but one thing can lead to another, you know how it is. On balance it is probably best that she has read that they don’t get on with dogs as otherwise she’d probably be bringing one back from the walk. I guess I do know deep down that nothing and no one will ever come higher up the priority list than the four of us, but a dog is allowed to worry once in a while. From past experience we’ll be safe as long as she doesn’t start deciding what she would call one. Once she has a name you can be sure the animal isn’t far behind!

Have a happy and alpaca-free Sunday


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  1. Hi Ari, I am not keen on Alpacas. There is a field where I go training and we can have the use of it for running and playing. It is great and the beagles can come with me if they are up to it. One day I arrived and in the next field were Alpacas. I have never seen them before and to be fair they did not run towards me or try to frighten me but I got bad vibes from them. My Mum had a job to get me back to the car as I did not want to pass them.It may have something to do with the fact that the grass was long and I could not see their legs -weird! I will not be going there again until they move on. Have a lovely Sunday, nothing in my diary apart from two walks which will be great. Love Dickens X

    • Well that doesn’t sound very good. It makes me hope our Mistress won’t like them at all. She thinks they look cute but from what you say… well I don’t know what to think.
      Have a great Sunday
      Love Ari

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