Tuesday 18th July 2017 – How to drive a dog nuts

Me and Wilma

Our Mistress has found out how to drive us all mad. We live in a quiet place and most of the time we are undisturbed. That suits me and for that matter Shadow as well. Shadow sees it as her duty to watch out of the front window for whatever is going on and then to alert the whole house to it. Anyway, our Mistress is working with some of the other humans in the village to write a village history book. How, you might ask, does that affect us? Well, there is a form for everyone in the village to fill in and then they drop it into our letterbox so our Mistress can pull them all together. That means lots of people coming up to our front door over recent days. We are not coping well. Shadow starts howling to notify everyone. I then start whinging to make sure the message has been passed on and sometimes, depending on who it is at our front door, even Ari and Wilma join in. To be fair, Ari and Wilma can’t be bothered to do too much of the barking on this particular issue, but Shadow and I are doing enough for all four of us. Our Mistress said that it’s a good job there are only 90 houses in the village, otherwise she’d be going completely insane by now.

Of course all these things are not helped by having the windows open with it being warm again. I don’t know which is worse, us being able to hear noises from outside and then responding to them or our Mistress being more conscious when we are barking as she is concerned it will disturb our neighbours. Lots of the kids from the village play out near our house, which just adds to the whole mad noise. I think our Mistress is wondering about investing in a job lot of ear-plugs.

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