Wednesday 19th July 2017 – A shock for Wilma

Our Mistress has had a discussion with Wilma and explained some of her adult responsibilities. No longer can she claim puppy status and get away with things the way she used to do. Although there is still a little under a week until her second birthday, our Mistress thought now was the time for her to understand how things would be changing around here. Most of it is fairly boring routine stuff, but the bit that Wilma is very unhappy about is that she will no longer be given treats on every occasion she is asked to do something. Our Mistress has told her that there are times she will be asked to comply, simply because she is a good dog. Wilma pouted and asked what would happen if she weren’t a good dog. Of course that led to our Mistress sighing and going back to the beginning of the conversation about rights and responsibilities in growing up. Wilma says she’s not really sure if she wants to be an adult just yet. She has pointed to the fact that we’ve all said that Aristotle was four years old before he bothered to grow up, so maybe she could have a little longer. Our Mistress just looked at her sternly and started the conversation all over again. Somehow I don’t think Wilma is listening. She didn’t exactly put her paws over her ears and say ‘la la la’ to block out the sound, but I think she may as well have done.

When I go to bed at night our Mistress always tucks me in. I have a cuddle on her bed and then get into my own, at which point our Mistress gets out of bed and comes over to me, kisses me goodnight and makes sure I’m settled. Wilma decided she wanted to get in on the act last night. When it came to me being tucked in, I suddenly found Wilma had come and got into my bed with me so she would get a goodnight kiss too. She doesn’t miss a trick.

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