Thursday 20th July 2017 – Walking on lead

Aristotle and Shadow are fed up as they are having to have their walks on their leads at the moment. Normally, they trot along quite happily with our Mistress without being attached. Wilma, who knows no fear, and thinks nothing of going off and doing her own thing, is a little more contained. Anyway, for the time being they are on their leads, because of all the harvesting going on. There are farm vehicles working night and day while the weather is good to bring in the crops. Not only does our Mistress want us all to stay safe, but just as importantly she doesn’t want to cause any inconvenience to the people working on the farms. They work very hard, starting at first light and working right through until it gets dark. It’s not an easy job at the best of times, but you really appreciate the food that you see in your bowl when you know just how much work has to go into providing it.

Around here there are all types of farming, although much of it is arable. There are cows, sheep and pigs too and chickens come to that. Our Mistress wishes she was better at identifying all the different crops she walks past, but she still has some learning to do on that front. Obviously, she can tell the difference between cows and sheep when she sees them!

Wilma is going to write my diary for the next few days while she’s away on her travels. It will be much more exciting than me telling you about which room I’ve slept in while she’s away. I’m rather past wanting to do exciting things now. Wilma went to the train station with our Mistress last week and she thought it was fantastic. As always, she met lots of new people and made friends. I just think places like that are noisy and dirty and haven’t been designed around the needs of a dog, but Wilma just takes it all in her stride. She was just fed up that she wasn’t going on a journey that time. She’s asked if she can go on a steam train while she’s on holiday so that should be fun. Although the last time I did that it scared me witless when I was standing too close when it let off steam.

Anyway, be good


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