Saturday 22nd July 2017 – Better weather

‘Let’s go to Devon,’ Mum said. ‘There’s better weather.’ Now, I don’t know where she was comparing it with, but if this is better I hate to think what she would think was worse. On the way down here we saw so much rain! It meant the traffic was bad and we spent ages in the car, but I will concede it got a lot better once we arrived. There are cows in the field opposite where we’re staying. Really big ones with very impressive horns. Mum says I can’t go to play with them, which seems mean. There’s a lovely Retriever in the main house who we’ve met and like and then there’s a Labradoodle next door who isn’t so keen to meet me, which is a shame.

I’m told we can walk out onto Dartmoor by going through three fields and without going on any roads but Mum says we have to wait until later. It’s very exciting.

The place we’re staying left welcome biscuits for us, but Mum is stopping us from eating them all at once. I think that’s mean, she’s started on the chocolates.

Today is a quiet day not doing too much. Mum says she’s tired so we can have a nice walk and plenty of fresh air but she’d rather not drive anywhere. Really we want to save our energy for our beach party tomorrow. It’s so exciting to be seeing the others. Mum says she wishes Alfie and Aristotle could be here too. I hope they aren’t missing us too much. At least them not being here means we don’t have to get up at five every morning and Mum says she really does appreciate that as it can get a bit much.

I’m off to do some exploring and see the cows.

Have fun



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