Sunday 23rd July 2017 – I don’t get Monopoly

Yesterday it rained… and rained… and rained. We would have gone to Haytor if it had every stopped. Instead we had to make do with short walks in the rain and a very long and acrimonious game of Monopoly. Now when players start to work in league and gang up on you it really isn’t much fun. I only wanted the pink ones, because they matched my lead, but no one would let me have them. Shadow, unsurprisingly is a ruthless player and was doing fine with Dad until they ran out of money and had to mortgage everything. Some of the players seemed to know rules that others didn’t know and I ran out of paws trying to calculate how much I owed to the bank. I think we’ll all be glad to go to the beach today, whatever the weather.

The humans seem to be eating lots of exciting foods, which really doesn’t seem fair as Shadow and I are still eating our normal food. Ok so Mum did give me a little of her steak, but there was no ‘How do you want your steak cooked, Wilma?’ No ‘Do you want vegetables with that and how about some cheese?’ I really think this holiday lark is not designed around our needs quite as much as I was hoping.

One very interesting thing has been that for the first time in ages I haven’t woken up with itchy eyes. Mum says it has confirmed that my eyes have been entirely allergy related and the bedroom floor here doesn’t have carpets and the bed I brought had just been through the washing machine. She has said we can look for a bed that is off the floor for me at home so that I’m more comfortable. Dad said I could always sleep in the kitchen instead, but I really don’t want to do that and thankfully Mum said that wasn’t ok with her.

One thing that did happen that was a little worrying was our evening walk. It was just me and Mum and the snake! We are 90% certain it was dead, but we didn’t want to find out. There is only one type of poisonous snake in this country and that was it. Mum took a photo of it because she knew that Dad would never believe her when we got back. She says I had better not be off lead around here even if it weren’t for the cows.

I’m off to get ready for my beach party

See you soon

Love Wilma

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