Wednesday 26th July 2017 – I like birthdays

I know yesterday was only the second one I’ve had, but I can highly recommend birthdays. It was a lovely sunny day and we went up onto Dartmoor for my birthday ice cream. The road we took up there was a bit scary and Mum might have sworn once or twice, but when we got up there the first thing she did was go to buy us ice creams. It all got a big complicated. Dad had taken the teenagers to the zoo to walk amongst penguins. I did want to go, but Mum didn’t think I’d be allowed to. Anyway, it meant she was on her own with the two of us and she hadn’t thought it through very well. She got us to wait in the car with the boot open while she went to get the ice creams, but then when she got back to the car she hadn’t got anywhere to put them down so she could get us both out. In the end so they didn’t melt before we got to eat them we decided to sit in our crates to eat them and then get out afterwards. That was a much better solution, although Shadow was pulling some very funny faces trying to guard her ice cream from anyone who might want to try to get it. Given she was eating it inside a crate with the door closed that wasn’t really very likely, but she said you can never tell!

Mum found a different route back for us afterwards which was a lot less stressful and much quicker as it was more than one car wide. Then in the evening we all went out to a pub for a birthday meal for me and Mum kept sneaking bits of her meal to me. All in all, it was a very satisfactory day. I was just sorry that Alfie couldn’t be here to share it with. I do miss him and I know Mum does too.

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