Thursday 27th July 2017 – Wild

For once the description is not just about me. I know I’m nicknamed ‘Wild Wilma’ and actually from yesterday that’s not unwarranted. We went to Haytor, which felt like being on top of the world. We went last year but the weather was better this year and you could see for miles. It walked off some of my pent up energy. We had been to Widecombe in the Moor again before we went a walk. You just wouldn’t believe it. There we were, sitting on a seat on the Green waiting for Dad to join us and all of a sudden a flock of sheep walked up the road to join us. Shadow and I were really good and just sat and watched in surprise as they ambled along the road and then started eating the grass in front of the church. After that an old sheepdog came along on his own, and not with the sheep, and that was when I got really excited and started barking madly. Mum got a bit cross with me as I did the same when we went and sat somewhere for a cream tea. It’s usually Shadow that kicks off but I was just in that kind of mood. Mum said that in hindsight it would have been better to go for the steep walk first and I might have been a bit quieter. How can a dog be quiet when they can’t decide whether to eat sheep poo or cow dung or horse manure? The thing with Dartmoor is that there are all these animals just roaming free and it is simply too exciting for a young dog like me. Shadow says her sheep poo days are behind her and she is only tempted by the cow dung now.

Have fun

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  1. Love hearing about your adventures Wilma. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Keep enjoying. xxx

    • Thank you. I’m trying to decide between the steam train or the beach today, but the problem is I want to do both.

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