Friday 28th July 2017 – Steam trains

I know Friday’s are supposed to be the days I look back at what Alfie has written about in the past, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. Today is all about going on my first steam train.

We did have a walk up onto Dartmoor in the morning, but there were quite a lot of cows so Mum thought better of it and we went back to wait for the others. Then after lunch we went on the South Devon Railway. I really liked the steam train, but I got a bit over excited and barked quite a bit. I also found it a bit claustrophobic having to sit under a table and didn’t like it. Once I could see out of the window I was a lot happier and stood with my paws on Mum’s leg so I could watch the fields and trees going by outside the window.

We got off the train in Totnes and walked into the town. There were some very oddly dressed people there, but they smelled much the same as everyone else or at least most of them did. We went to a café for ice creams. The lady serving was a bit confused by the number of ice creams we needed, but once she realised that Shadow and I were having them it all made sense to her.

We had fun trying to pretend we were cart dogs and could pull a whole trolley of churns. Shadow found the very thought of it tiring and lay down in the end.

Shadow is off home today with Dad, but I get another day of holiday as we’re going to see my grandparents on the way back. I’m excited about seeing them, but I’m most excited about being somewhere I’m allowed to sleep on the bed again and sit on the settee. That’s the worst bit of holiday as far as I’m concerned, there are just so many rules. Take the train as an example. I wanted to sit up on the seat next to Mum but oh no, she told me as a dog that wasn’t allowed. I’d paid for my ticket but it made no difference.

Have fun


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