Monday 31st July 2017 – A tour of the garden

I can’t wait to see Alfie and Aristotle later this morning. It’s only when I don’t see them for a week that I realise just how much I miss them. I think they are both going to be quite pleased with how the garden is looking. I went around it with Mum yesterday looking at all the wonderful colourful plants. We’ve got so many bees and butterflies that I will have endless possibilities of things I can chase. Mum said I can only show you one or two of the pictures today as otherwise there would be too many.

Shadow was proudly taking charge of Dad’s acer. He has got three of them, but this is the biggest. We put it in the wrong place to begin with and learnt the hard way that they don’t like the wind. They have all been moved to more sheltered spots and are recovering, but it was a close run thing. It’s not helped by living on the top of a hill and the wind blowing across the side of our house quite enthusiastically.

Aristotle will probably be most excited about the marigolds and cornflowers as he helped to grow all of those from seeds and the sunflowers which are starting to come out. Mum took a panoramic photo of her herb garden but she doesn’t know how to help me post it here so it comes out right. We’re hoping that Alfie might know what to do when he gets home and then he can show it to you tomorrow. I think he might show you some of the other photos too.

I’ve enjoyed writing Alfie’s Diary every day while he has been in kennels. I need to hand it back now though and just go back to writing to you a couple of times a week. It’s going to be odd being back to all four of us and having to share everything. Shadow has really enjoyed our girl time. She says it’s much less stressful without boys around, but I think she really just means Aristotle.



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