Thursday 3rd August 2017 – It’s not right

Now I know I said I don’t mind having a few days in kennels, and I meant it. However, when I come home the least I can expect is for my Mistress to be there for me 24 hours a day so I don’t worry she’s going to leave me. Ok, so by my age I ought to be able to rationalise this. In the eleven and a half years we’ve been together she has never left me. She does have to go out sometimes and I know we can’t always go with her. Sometimes that going out is at times approaching meal times (although in my book every hour of the day is measured by approaching meal times) but I don’t expect her to do that in the few days after I have come home from kennels. Take yesterday as a prime example. She had explained to me she was going to a meeting and it wasn’t just frivolity. She had told me she would be home in time for my tea. But I still got myself into a state of worry. It didn’t help that the others were winding me up. When she came home, after being out for almost exactly two hours, I went crazy. It wasn’t even that I’d been on my own in the house without any humans. It was just that our Mistress wasn’t here and I was worried. We have tea at 5pm. It was 4.05 when she came back. I was really starting to worry that she wasn’t going to be here in time. Now that’s not unreasonable is it?  It took feeding me early to pacify me and reassure me that my next meal was coming. That and a cuddle of course, but it was the food I really wanted. I asked her to promise never to go out again but oddly she wouldn’t do that. I really can’t understand why. I’m always here for her, the least she could do is always be here for me too.

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