Friday 4th August 2017 – Wilma looks back

Before I bring you a lovley old post from 2011 I just had to tell you my news. It is so exciting but I’m finally learning to catch. Mum and I have been practising with biscuits and I can now manage to catch about three in five. It’s very exciting as until now I’ve been missing five out of five and not getting the hang of it at all. Mum says if I get a bit better we will move onto other things than treats, though I can’t understand why I’d want to do that. She has a hope that one day I will learn how to play ball too, but I still don’t get why that’s such a big deal.

Anyway, some of you will remember back six years ago when Shadow’s microchip failed when she was in Switzerland for her first ever mating. Well, it was on this day in 2011 that Alfie was able to report the good news that she could come home:

Megan from 2011 – don’t we look alike?

Yesterday I became a dog who believes in miracles. We had been told that Shadow’s chip could not be read, by an official from the company that supplied the chip. Yesterday as my Mistress was driving towards York she had a phone call to say that a man in their laboratory had continued to work on the dead chip and had succeeded in extracting the number. My Mistress cried. Then she rang us and we all cried. She turned the car round and came home to discuss with us the plan for bringing Shadow home. It will take a couple of days for all the paperwork to be sorted, but tomorrow my Mistress will set off on the long drive back to Switzerland to be reunited with Shadow and bring her home.

Megan wants to throw a party for Shadow when she returns, but I said she might just prefer a nice quiet family gathering and the opportunity of a big group hug. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we all are. I did offer to go with my Mistress on the journey, but she doesn’t want any of us getting stuck out there before the rules change. It means I can start planning once again for how I can be a good surrogate parent to the puppies and we can go back to looking forward to the first litter under our ‘Torfheide’ kennel name. We need names beginning with an ‘A’ again rather than ones beginning with a ‘Y’. Shadow has asked for girls to be named after her breeder and her daughter Annette and Aileen. I tentatively raised a paw and asked if one could be named after my mother Anka too. My Mistress said we are getting a little ahead of ourselves and should wait for the result of her ultrasound examination first. That will all happen a little while after she is home and rested. In the meantime I need to look after everything here and eagerly await her return.

I think all that is really nice and as you’ll know one of the names we ended up using was Aristotle and he got to stay here to become my big brother.

Have fun


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