Sunday 6th August 2017 – Happy days

Alfie has been having a spell of feeling really quite well recently. Yesterday he even asked if he could go for a walk. Our Mistress sat down with him and asked if he thought he’d cope if he met anyone while he was out and he did conclude it was just a nice idea rather than something he wanted to make a reality. Instead she is going to get her little two seater car out of the garage (having recharged its battery first) and take him out for some top down driving. If the weather is fine I think they may go out today so he can feel the wind in his fur. He has got very excited about the prospect and says it takes him back to his puppyhood when they lived in Belgium and he used to go everywhere with her. He’s been spending more time in the office with our Mistress too even when Wilma is there too. He still doesn’t want to share with me, but other than that he is doing much better at the moment. Our Mistress says his spell in kennels actually seems to have done him good.

At least if he goes out for some trips in the car I won’t feel quite so bad about taking his swimming slot for a few weeks. Our Mistress is very keen for me to build up the muscles in my legs again so I don’t have quite so much problem. Last week does seem to have helped. I did a two-thirds walk on Friday and a full one yesterday. We’re hoping I can make it round the whole loop again today, so paws crossed. Our Mistress says that quite apart from worrying about my health she misses our long chats while we walk. I must admit we do have some lovely times together.

Have a happy Sunday


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  1. So pleased to hear Alfie is feeling better and your legs are improving with the swimming. Happy Sunday to you all. xxx

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