Monday 7th August 2017 – Alfie’s Day

Alfie had a lovely day yesterday. Mum found his special harness that works with the car seat in the two-seater car. Alfie had forgotten how to put it on and got a bit confused for a while. Once he was sorted he was quite ready to go and get in. Mum made sure he was very securely fastened, with his bad back she didn’t want him lurching in any direction if she stopped suddenly. It was still a little bit sunny when they went out and Alfie was so happy sitting in his seat. Mum took some picture of him while they were still stationary.

She only took him on a circuit of about 6 miles, but they went quite slowly and he spent the whole time sitting up, looking around and sniffing the air. At one point they passes some horses and he smiled at them and their riders, who they could hear commenting on how lovely it was seeing him with the roof down. Mum said he had his ears back almost the whole time.

He had had enough by the time they got back, but did say he’d love it very much if they could go out in in again. Mum has says that maybe if the weather is good they could use it to take him swimming sometimes. It means I won’t be able to go, but I guess it’s worth it for him to enjoy himself so much. Mum was really happy about them having been able to go out together too. She says she really misses all their times out together. I know she loves going out with the others of us, but she did have something very special with Alfie when he was younger and it’s nice she can have times to remember that.

Have a lovely week


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  1. Lovely pics of Alfie. Pleased he had a lovely day. Thanks for the update Wilma. Sammi had a lovely day aswell. She came to Cholmondeley Castle and Gardens with me. A lovely day to you all. xxx

    • Thank you. Wilma has now gone off to sulk because no one has ever taken her to a castle. I do hope you and Sammi had a lovely time. Give my love to Sammi. I’m feeling so much better at the moment. I almost feel I could take on the world

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