Wednesday 9th August 2017 – Global warming

It doesn’t matter which way up you hold the world, there is something odd going on. I may be a dog, but that doesn’t make me immune from noticing things. On Facebook my friends in other countries are commenting on how hot it is. Now, to begin with I thought they must be joking, but it seems they aren’t. Here, on the other paw, a snorkel and flippers would be useful to put on over the top of your winter woollies. I’ve seen fields of sheep complaining they have been shorn when they would rather have kept their coats on. To be fair they were probably pretty glad yesterday to have taken their coats off as that amount of water in wool takes quite a lot of carrying round. Even Wilma said she was prepared to wait to see if it brightened up before deciding on a walk and Shadow just laughed at our Mistress and said she had to be joking.

The problem is what can we actually do about it? It takes everyone to do their bit to change things. Given that Donald Trump has decided that he doesn’t want to do the right thing, there is precious little chance of solving the problem easily. I’ve even read somewhere that it’s cows which are to blame. Now I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen any cows driving round in high powered cars or burning coal to keep warm. Ok, so some of them have a bit of a digestive problem, but who you can’t blame them for that. Perhaps there should be more research into a better diet for them or in capturing the output and putting it to good use. You humans are more than happy to spoil the weather for the rest of us, perhaps you could spend a little more time looking into things to fix it.

I’m now going back to my cosy basket for a long nap. Wake me up when the sun comes out.


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