Thursday 10th August 2017 – Some things can’t be rushed

Wilma came back from her walk well and truly in our Mistress’s bad books. You would think a walk is a time of harmonious companionship and so it would be if only humans were more like dogs. Our Mistress likes to walk quite quickly and even at the best of times does not like to stop to sniff along the way. Like all good dogs, we see it as our duty to sample the air and make sure we know everything that is going on in our surroundings. In fairness to us all, how would our humans feel if we weren’t able to protect them from some impending doom because we hadn’t checked all the messages left for us along the way?

Anyway, it seems that yesterday Wilma might have taken things a bit far. Oh, I can see her point of view. What’s a dog to do when the farmers are muck spreading? It would be simply rude not to stop and sniff and sample of few of the tasty morsels they have left along the way. I guess this is another way that we differ from humans. Trust me, dung is delicious and really very nutritious as long as you pick carefully. The added benefit where it’s mixed with straw is it gives extra roughage to help our system. Humans however take a much narrower view of these things and Wilma was not only in trouble for taking much too long but was told in no uncertain terms that she was not to kiss our Mistress at all for a very long number of hours – basically until her breath stopped smelling and our Mistress had forgotten what the last thing was that she’d eaten. Humans can be so dull. On the bright side, you only have to tell Wilma not to do something and you can guarantee she will spend the next half an hour doing exactly the opposite and she does so like to kiss our Mistress!

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