Saturday 12th August 2017 – This is weird

When our Mistress leaves today I feel as though I should be putting a little label on her saying ‘Please look after this human’. She doesn’t often go away without any of us and to be honest she’s not great without a dog at her side to keep her on the straight and narrow. It’s a writers’ conference she’s going to and you’d think that any of Alfie, Wilma or me could have gone with her. We write too. However, it is a no dogs sort of place, which doesn’t rank it very highly in my opinion. However, she’s going anyway and I’d just like to appeal to any of you dogs out there that she might happen to meet during the week, please will you take special care of her as she really needs one of us to look after her? She’s off to see our friend Salvo on her way today so he and his new housemate Izzy will help for a short while at least. I think Ralph is going over to meet her too, so I guess today won’t be too bad. It’s the rest of the week that will be the problem. One of her friends who is going on the conference has an Irish Wolfhound that our Mistress would love to meet, but it’s even harder to sneak a dog that size into somewhere than it would be with one of us.

As usual we have jobs to do while she is away. Looking after our Master and the garden being the most important ones. I am under strict instructions to make sure the runner beans are ok. It’s the first time we’ve had a group of beans and they really are looking quite good. She wants us to water the flowers too. She says she likes the sunflowers’ happy smiling faces. Our Master tried to explain to her that sunflowers don’t have faces but she just said he didn’t have soul. I’ve no idea what either of them are on about if I’m being honest.

Happy Saturday


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