Sunday 13th August 2017 – Off to a good start

Our Mistress’s week of recuperation got off to a good start when Salvo, being very pleased to see her, managed to give her a rather large scratch on her arm that will take more than a week to heal. Izzy, being quite like Wilma in character was also delighted to see our

Izzy and Ralph

Mistress even though she doesn’t know her so well. What our Mistress was most pleased by, however, was meeting Ralph for the first time. Ralph will be a year old in a couple of days and according to our Mistress he’s a fine boy. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but she says he is incredibly handsome and looking very well and happy. He is much more wary of strangers than some of our breed and had a good roo at our Mistress, but she’s used to it, so really didn’t mind. He was getting used to her by the end of their visit and she says she will really look forward to seeing him again.

You wouldn’t believe how many clothes and shoes our Mistress packed to go away. She said that as she only has one week of the year where we aren’t around to damage her nice clothes, she needs to find the opportunity to wear them all. I hope she isn’t planning to wear them all at the same time, because even as a dog I realise that would look a bit odd. She says she doesn’t wear shorts because of the risk of us scratching her legs, but I don’t think she packed her shorts this week, which must have been an oversight.

Shadow has been having a great weekend being spoilt by our Master. Not that we’re jealous that she has been singled out for special treatment, but it was a bit much to find she got an ice cream out of it. Some things are just a step too far.

Happy Sunday. I’m off to beg for ice cream.


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  1. It was lovely to see you yesterday, Rosemary and we hope you have a lovely week. I notice that your photo is, in fact, of Izzy and Ralph ? It was great to meet Ralph again and we hope it isn’t so long til we see him again!

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