Monday 14th August 2017 – I’m going to meet my aunt

Oh you can’t know how excited I am. For all my life since I came to live with Mum she has mistakenly called me Megan on lots of occasions and now, finally I am going to meet her. Everyone says we look quite similar and now is our chance to find out whether that’s just in photos or whether it is in real life too. Mum has said I mustn’t get too excited as Megan is not a young dog anymore and may not want to bounce quite as much as I do. Shadow is looking forward to seeing her as well. They spent a lot of time together when they were younger and although they did fight some of the time, on the whole they were good friends and used to run around the garden quite madly. Megan is eight months younger than Shadow so she’s nearly eight-years-old now. Mum is already both excited and nervous about seeing Megan. They were very close years ago and I know Mum still thinks about her a lot and misses her. She knows that Megan will remember her, but has no idea how pleased she will be to see her. We’ve got to be patient for a couple of weeks yet, but I know for our Mistress it will be the highlight of her trip and I have to remember not to feel jealous at all. I’ve promised to be there for Mum after she has to say goodbye to Megan as I am also aware of how hard she may find that, but we’ll cheer her up when the time comes.

I know Ari told you that Mum is away right now but when he said she was having a week without dogs, that wasn’t quite true. She can’t go anywhere without one of us, even if it has to be the stuffed toy version that Ikea sells. She sent us a picture of the original D’Artagnan enjoying himself on his travels with her.

Have a great week

Love Wilma

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  1. Hi Wilma, how lovely to be going off on your travels again soon. My Mum has given in and ordered herself one of the lovely dogs from Ikea. She tried to convince herself she was too old for soft toys now. But who can resist such a great looking dog! She says she has enough pocket money and enough money left for our food and treats – that is the main thing!!!!! Lot of love to you all Dickens and the gang XXXXXXX

    • Dickens, do make sure she gets one for you too. They make a great pillow and are really very soft. I think we should all be given one at birth so we have a lifelong companion whatever happens. One that doesn’t pounce on you, which is always a bonus.
      Have a great time

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