Saturday 19th August 2017 – I’m glad I’m a dog

Hello everyone, it’s Aristotle here and I’m spending the day being glad I’m a dog and regretting that the washing machine is in my bedroom. How many clothes does one human need to wear? Here’s the bit I don’t get. As dogs, and I know this is partly about our breed, but we stay quite clean without the need for a bath. Why is that humans, even when they shower every day, still need to wash their clothes as well? Where are they going wrong. Our Mistress says that we each have a lovely body smell. Each one of us is different, but none of us smells unpleasant. There are days when our Mistress seems to think she needs to shower more than once which to be honest I find quite remarkable.

On a completely separate note, Cinders has invited me to stay and I want to accept the invite. I don’t get to go away much anymore, mainly due to the problems of my legs and not being able to do much walking. It would be so nice to go and see one of my friends. Our Mistress says she’ll think about it, but it’s lovely because the invitation is especially to me. That made me feel really good.

I was rather hoping that as autumn approached my Master and Mistress would spend more time in the lounge watching television. I love curling up between them and getting some quality time. Instead of which it looks more as though our Master is going to spend more time in the office. It will mean I’m with both of them, but it’s not the same as being able to lie sprawled across them both. I really need to work on a strategy to get them to change their minds.

Have a great weekend


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