Sunday 20th August 2017 – Well there’s a surprise

It turns out my humans listen to me. Last night I had a lovely evening curled up with them watching the last part of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Now I just need to find other films that they want to watch and I’ll have this training thing sewn up. The evening was even better than that. We’ve moved onto totally home grown vegetables with our meals at the moment. When I say ‘we’ obviously I mean ‘they’ but there are always a few extra bits for the four of us. It would be unfair given that I helped in growing the vegetables not to let me try them. It’s the carrots I go for mainly, but I have to say I’m not averse to the odd runner bean. I don’t bother with the potatoes. I’ve never really got why humans eat them, but my Master says they are much tastier than the ones from the shop, so I guess I did a good job.

I was alarmed to see our Mistress disappearing up to the loft with the vacuum cleaner. I would have thought that was a paw too far, but she seemed to think it was necessary. In the ongoing fight against Mickey and Minnie she prefers to be able to see if there is any new evidence of them being present. She says it’s not really an onerous job if she only vacuums up there once every six years.

Shadow is a bit worried. Our Mistress ordered more food for her and was expecting it to be delivered over a week ago. However, the company says the supply is running late and we now expect it this Wednesday. Shadow has been looking at her box of food and trying to work out if she has got enough left. I’ve said she can have some of mine if not.

Have a great Sunday


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