Monday 21st August 2017 – Getting confused

Saturday night was just plain odd. We were all pleased to be home with Mum, except for Shadow who had rather been enjoying being Dad’s only dog while the rest of us went to play with our friends in the kennels. When it came to bedtime it’s Alfie and I who normally sleep in Mum and Dad’s room. Shadow sleeps with Andrew and Ari sleeps downstairs so he doesn’t put too much strain on his legs doing the stairs. Anyway, Andrew wasn’t here and Shadow wasn’t thrilled by being relegated to downstairs simply because the rest of us were home. Anyway, she talked to Mum who could see her point and said she could sleep in with us too. It would have all worked out fine if I hadn’t got confused and tried to sleep in Alfie’s bed. He’s way to polite to push me out so he just paced the room until Mum woke up to sort us all out. She wasn’t as cross as she might have been as she could see that she’d put everyone’s beds in the wrong places and probably caused the problem in the first place. Given it was one in the morning, that was probably quite a good reaction coming from someone who hates being woken. It wasn’t until we all went downstairs at 5.15am and Shadow wouldn’t shut up that she really lost her cool with us all!

We are dogs and as such we like routine and a clear idea of what we should be doing. Oh, I know she tried to discuss the finer detail with us, but we don’t always take it in. Mind you on that front we’re not much different to Dad, although at least we do try to listen even if it doesn’t always make sense. Now at least we can settle back into a more normal routine, for a few days at least!

Have a great week


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