Wednesday 23rd August 2017 – A sneak peek

Yesterday was about as exciting as it gets around here. I went swimming for one thing. It was going to be Aristotle who went, but our Mistress asked if he’d mind me going instead. He’s always happy to get out of having to go so he readily agreed. She thought it might help me to settle down a bit and use up my nervous energy. I think I overdid it because I was flat out asleep for most of the rest of the day. Except that is when our Mistress wok me to show what the postman had brought. Now I shouldn’t be telling you about this, as the winners haven’t all been announced yet, but it was the proof copy of next year’s Entlebucher Club calendar. I’m delighted to say that both Shadow and I made the cut, although sadly neither Wilma nor Aristotle did, although our Mistress has sneaked their pictures onto the front cover along with some of the other dogs who were runners up in their categories. She did reassure me that Ari and Wilma had been runners up, she wasn’t just adding in extra pictures of her dogs, but I’m not sure I believe her.

I looked through to see if my girlfriend, Bella could be a pin-up for a month, but our Mistress said she hadn’t entered, so I didn’t bother to look any further. I will tell you when the calendar goes on sale in case you want to buy one. It will be helping to raise money to pay Heidi’s costs.

To be fair, our Mistress was getting even more excited by her other parcel as it contained the bookmarks and postcards which have the cover of her new book on them. The way she is going no one who knows her is not going to know about the book, but I guess that’s what marketing is all about. She has reassured me there is a dog in the book, so I’m happy. She says he plays an important part, but is not one of the leads. I was almost satisfied with that, but I think she could try harder.

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  1. Hi Alfie, I think I may have a solution to the Ari and cat situation. Ikea sell cats as well as the beautiful dogs we all love. My Mum has ordered one for our grand daughter as she has two cats at her house. She says she will like it when she comes here if we have one. We cannot have a real one as we already have our duck as well as 3 dogs so we have been told that is enough mouths to feed. Anyway when it arrives I will send you a picture so you can see what it looks like. I went out all day yesterday to a family reunion of my Mums cousins, their children and their children, so a lot of people. I was a good boy and was a good advert for the breed. My Mum`s cousin Stephen was very nice and he took me for a walk. I am having a quiet day today. Love Dickens X

    • Oh that all sounds exciting. I shall tell Ari about the cat. He’ll still have to nag our Mistress to get her to agree. I wonder if she’d take him to Ikea to choose it.
      Have a lovely Day

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