Thursday 24th August 2017 – Seen and Not Heard!

Taking things in my stride

Actually the title should be ‘not seen and not heard’! Our Mistress has her Assured Breeder check up visit by the Kennel Club this afternoon and we are all supposed to be on our best behaviour. Like that’s going to happen! I’m guessing it will start off crazy and go downhill from there.

Dickens has come up with a solution to Aristotle’s cat problem and suggested we invest our pocket-money in an Ikea cat like the one he has just got. Aristotle thinks it’s a great idea and is now begging our Mistress to take him to Ikea. Secretly I think he has in mind trying out all the sofas and beds to see which of those he would like. I wonder what the shop assistants would say if a dog wandered in to try things out.

It is now less than two months until our Mistress’s new book comes out and she is taking marketing it to a whole new level. She now has the book cover on the side of her car. I just wonder who the first complete stranger will be who goes up and addresses her by name and makes her wonder how they know who she is. I’m a little out of sorts as she did have my name on her car until now, or at least my company’s name and people would ask her about me, which was much better. When they others went anywhere she would get asked if they were Alfie. Clearly in the case of Shadow and Wilma they were not looking very closely at them! She has promised my name can go back in the future, but she did not specify when. I pointed out there were four doors on the car and mine could go on too, but she thought that might be a bit much.

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