Friday 25th August 2017 – Friday Flashback

Yay, it’s Friday and it’s Wilma here with another Friday flashback.


The children were talking about holidays they have had at the seaside, playing on the beach with a bucket and spade. I asked why they needed the bucket and spade and they said it was for digging big holes. Never having been on holiday at the seaside I was a bit confused by this so I took them all outside and asked them to stand back. “Did you mean like this?” I said, digging a great big hole right outside of our chalet. In the light of the fact that I got shouted at and told to clear up right away by my master and mistress, I am guessing that is not quite what they were referring to!


Megan has entered the world of dog chews. She hadn’t had one before, but after she chewed the TV remote control yesterday my Mistress thought it was perhaps time for her to try. It was only after Shadow chewed some off hers that Megan began to get the hang of what to do and then to my surprise, Shadow who has always taken chews away from me, was happy to share her chew with Megan and didn’t complain at all. I can’t believe how well they are getting on. I think I may need a boy dog to keep me company! I suppose when they are playing together I still have my Mistress and that is good enough for me.


Aristotle has not been well. He has had a very bad case of the squits. Yesterday morning he had been so poorly overnight, which necessitated rather a lot of washing and cleaning, open windows and extensive hand washing, that my Mistress decided he should go without food for 24 hours. Aristotle likes his food. He likes his food so much that he has found a way to open every sack of dog food in the house, steal dog treats, reach all kitchen work surfaces claiming carrots, meat tins and anything else he can get his paws on. Anyway, you can imagine how he appreciated the threat of going without food. By mid-morning he was trying to get hold of the phone to dial for a pizza delivery and by the afternoon was placing a full-blown order on the internet for supermarket delivery. The only thing that stopped him was my Mistress hiding her credit card.

Now I’m off to see if I can open any sacks of dog food. Have a lovely day


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